Rice Mills

Backward Integration Programme

Elephant group backward integration programme keyed into the Federal government objective immediately embarking on local rice production by initiating brownfield and green-field projects. In all, our various rice projects has provided several thousands of employment opportunities.

Rice Mills - Brown Field Projects

Under the brownfield, Elephant Group acquired the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) rice mill at Elele-Alimini, Rivers State, Nigeria which has a processing capacity of 120 metric tons per day.Elephant is also working closely with the Niger State government to operationalize the Korean Mill. We have secured the concession of the KOICA Rice mill Complex. The milling capacity is 2.5 tons per hour. In order to ramp up more capacity and create a larger impact in food sustainability.

Elephant Group partnered with several mills across Nigeria on a renewable lease basis. These mills will bring our total milling capacity to well over 15 metric tons per hour. 

To ensure Elephant gets its raw material, paddy rice, all year round and avoid disruptions in production due to paddy shortages, Elephant group works with many local paddy suppliers across the nation.

Rice Farms - Green Field Projects

For the green-field projects, Elephant has been allotted farmlands by the Bayelsa, Lagos and Niger State governments to build and operate rice mills within these states.

This initiative is to assist these states to produce milled rice, a staple food menu thereby making it available and affordable for their respective citizens.