Elephant Seeds

Elephant Seeds include maize, soya beans and seasame seeds.

Maize: Maize is in extraordinarily high demand in Nigeria. There is always a shortfall between demand and supply. As such, there is measured importation of maize while efforts to increase local supply exponentially intensifies. Elephant Group Plc is a major player in both fields i.e. in the importation and the backward integration scheme.

Soya Beans: The Company has a robust project plan in place for backward integration in Soya Beans production. Leveraging on our distribution network basically in Northern Nigeria where soya beans cultivation is at the highest, the Company sources for the product to meet the supply needs of her clients. During peak periods where the supply exceeds demand, the balance is then exported which acts as a source of foreign exchange, and also encouragement for the farmers to continue producing.

Seasame Seed

Our Subsidiaries

  • Agrocrop Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited
  • Dependable Foods & Confectioneries Limited
  • Elephant Agro (Ghana) Limited
  • Elephant Cameroun SARL

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Our Brands

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