Estate Features



Beach Front

Ibeshe Ultra-Modern Estate and Butterfly Island Estate situated in Ikorodu is an exciting home site in Lagos state. The closeness to water gives the estates a sence of freshness and amiable environment. 


Privacy in community

As an exclusive, private community, the Ultra-Modern LAPH Estates developed by IMHDC is designed to foster seamless interaction between residents, yet providing privacy when you desire. Its subtly shaded streets and avenues are lined with various tropical flora and fauna.



Every aspect of the Estates are crafted with the highest quality materials and total attention to detail; delivering infrastructure that not only works, but is also designed to stand the test of time.
From 24 hour power supply, to a central utilities plant with sewage & water treatment, and an underground drainage system, roads with walk and bicycle ways. The Estates offer the perfect balance of innovation, technology and family-friendly values.



Secured and strategically positioned

To ensure the safety of residents,  we have a comprehensive security system with strategically located high resolution security cameras that are connected to a central security centre. 

The estates are also positioned close to the following:

  • Biggest ferry terminal
  • Ikorodu expressway
  • Shopping mall
  • Beach front
  • Neighbourhood estates
  • Recreational and educational facilities