Food Processing

Sustainable food production is a critical component to meeting the demands and challenges faced by agriculture worldwide. In support of Federal Government's Objective, Elephant Group has embarked upon backward integration programmes that features food processing.

Our processed food products are:

Milled and Parboiled Rice

Before now Nigeria used to import rice to meet its demand gap but this meant that a huge stock of paddy rice cultivated by farmers remained unsold creating low operating capacities in many integrated rice mills in Nigeria.

Elephant group embarked upon local rice production by initiating brownfield and green-field projects.  We acquired 3 mills in Nigeria to mill the aggregated paddy from farmers under our outgrowers scheme and process into milled rice while our Milling Plant building project is ongoing. We have also partnered with mills in different states to also process rice paddy in those states.  Elephant group has various rice brands in the market.

Rice Brands   Rice Mills

High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF)

Cassava is a multipurpose crop, processing it into advanced forms enhances its value and hence increases its economic potential. HQCF is used as substitute for wheat flour with various percentages in bakeries, for confectionaries, noodles, etc.

Our four HQCF factories at full operation produces combine output of 107 metric tons per day and 32,100 metric tons annually which is available for industrial use and export.

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