Crude Palm Oil

In anticipation to become a leading Agro industrial development company in West Africa, we presently import Crude Palm Oil from Ivory Coast to meet the shortfall in the domestic/local/Nigerian market. 

Our strategy is to consistently improve on our performance, consolidate on our strengths, and obliterate our weaknesses in order to give maximum satisfaction to our investors and shareholders all the while through universal best practices i.e. with the wellbeing of the environment and host communities always in focus.

Crude Palm Oil Backward Integration Project

The company has a robust project plan in place to, first partner with existing stakeholders in palm cultivation to boost the local supply.

The project plan also includes full scale palm cultivation, the construction of an oil palm mill, as well as the construction of an oil palm refinery so we can have the full range of Elephant oil products on the shelf of Nigerians and West Africans.