Company Information

Agriculture has been defined as the backbone of any economy especially a growing economy like Nigeria. It is the vehicle through which a developing economy will experience consistent growth and sustainability. 
Consequently, successive Nigerian governments have ensured that Agriculture is given top priority during their policy formulations. Elephant Group Plc, a foremost agricultural commodity company, a top 100 company in Nigeria shares these beliefs and has aligned herself with these global and national thoughts on creating value through agriculture.

Elephant commenced business as a trading business in 1995 trading in products like timber, cocoa and cashew and has grown to become a major force in the agricultural sector in Nigeria. We now trade in several other commodities such as rice, soya beans, cashew, cassava, sesame etc.

To further entrench herself into the agriculture value chain, Elephant Group became a significant trader/importer of fertilizer in order to assist farmers by not only offtaking their product output but also ensuring that farmers have the best quality fertilizer and inputs for maximum yield.

Taking this further, Elephant has also gone into backward integration of its major products such as rice and cassava while plans for fertilizer is in progress. Rather than meeting demand by merely importing these items when local supply cannot meet local demand, the Group is striving to ensure that demand is met by local supply.